Monday, February 15, 2010

New Goal

My new goal is to post at least once a month. Well, my new blogging goal, I have many others that I am also not succeeding at as well!

January- Abby sleeping with her "Girl Doll Abby" Sierra had an American girl doll and got it's ears pierced for Christmas, Syd got one for Christmas, and Abby is WAY too rough so she got the knock off Walmart brand, but calls them all "Girl Dolls- Girl Doll Sierra,
Girl Doll Sydney, and Girl Doll Abby".

Sierra started playing basketball, John and I are the coaches. John
has been doing the coaching during practices and I more
assist. It's been fun, she's cute, not very aggressive, or competitive, but cute.

I turned 33 in January. I had a fun birthday week, with lots of lunches with friends, dinner with John, and my family came over for dinner and cake. John made the cake and the girls all
decorated it. It was a fun week :). My friend Michele gave me this FUN new cake pan- it's a giant cup cake (about 1 1/2 cake mixes). The girls have thought of every occasion to make a "big top cupcake" the last month. I think we've had cake almost weekly!


Danielle Spangler said...

Yeah!! I am looking forward to your posts.

Three girls would be AMAZING!! Now having a girl I am just starting to be able to buy her girl toys. But, I don't think she really cares quite yet. They are all things to suck on to her!

The girls all are beautiful! So grown up!

Danelle said...

So excited for updates! Love the cake.

emily said...

Welcome back! That cupcake pan is awesome! I may have to make up a reason to have to borrow it (or better yet, go buy my own!)