Thursday, June 3, 2010



So, my goal this year was to post at least once a month...okay so I'm only about 3 months behind!

For St. Patrick's Day we had a leprechaun visit our house and he left green footprints and gold coins all over! He came to our neighbor's house last year, so maybe he'll visit someone else's house next year =). I made these cute rainbow cupcakes and the leprechaun added a gold coin to each one! One of our traditions is I usually buy the girls shirts for holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and 4th of July.

Sydney enjoying her rainbow cupcake.

Abby enjoyed 4 cupcakes!!!!! Apparently she was searching for the pot of gold!!!! Fortunately she does not react to food coloring!
A very happy and sugared up Abby.

Sierra with her best friend Morgan.


Sierra has been dancing for almost 7 years. She started in a cute little ballet class with her friend Meilani when we still lived in California, I don't think they were quite 3 yet! This year she did her first solo! She chose to do a lyrical style, she did such an amazing job, we are so proud of her! She earned first place at both competitions that she competed at and at the second one she got Overall Highpoint for Novice for all Solos/Duos/Trios. She was SO surprised as were we! I had told John that all the awards were done and he could leave (Abby and Syd were at home with the babysitter) after she got her first wasn't until the very end of the awards that they said Sierra's name!

Meilani (in the purple) Sierra in the front age 2 1/2
Sierra in her ballet class age 8

Sierra & Miss Ashley, the teacher who choreographed her solo. Sierra holding her dancing frog we gave her after her solo.

1st place

Queen at 2nd Competition- The awards at this one were Queen, 1st attendant, etc., and they had them stand on the podium (not a fan of this style) of awards.

The giant trophy is the one for overall highpoint! Not sure where to put it!

Sierra's Solo