Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines Day

We had a fun Valentines weekend! Friday the girls all had parties at school, Saturday John bought me balloons and roses, we got to have a lunch date (my sister's kids were staying with us and they are old enough to babysit), John went to the BYU basketball game, I went to ikea and bought a really cool swing see post above. Then Sunday I made pink pancakes, pink milk and decorated for love day :). The girls got cute matching dresses, and BFF necklaces, and the boys got new shirts, and John a tie and chocolates. We then went to my moms for dinner and decorated sugar cookies. Our activity for Family Night Monday was stacking the big candy sweethearts to see who could make the tallest tower in 30 seconds (a game that we had played at Sydney's school party) It was a really great weekend!

Yes, this is our breakfast table with m&m's, cookies, and candy hearts!

Okay so the milk kinda reminds me of pepto!



super cute dresses girls!

Codnerfamily said...

Your room and my room. I asked the kids why the room fairy never came to visit me. They told me because I didn't clean my room everyday.I want to come to breakfast at your house. Your table looks so cute. Where did you get those bunk beds for the American girl dolls?