Friday, June 12, 2009

Missing Teeth

Sydney lost her first tooth on Wednesday.  She noticed it was loose, then a few hours later it was ready to be pulled!  On Thursday Sierra then lost her 6th tooth!  The Tooth Fairy is becoming quite familiar with our house!

These were the cute notes that the girls wrote to the Tooth Fairy!


Dr. Pinkwater said...

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! We have a blog update! I repeat....We have a blog update!!

YAAAA!! Good job on getting back to the blog.

It's fun to see Sydney's missing tooth and Sierra's missing teeth! When I was a kid, only ONE of my teeth came out naturally, the rest were all pulled by the evil dentist (I believe that was 22 teeth in all)

Codnerfamily said...

It is so wierd to scroll through those pictures and see Sierra who looks just like you as a little girl.So cute. Hope things are going well Next time I'm in Ut we have to get in touch.You are in Ut right?? I think thats what I was told.